MTV Synopsis

May 6, 2008 at 5:04 pm (MTV - Professional Project)

Below is the synopsis of our study:

We plan to enter the D and AD Student Awards this year as part of our professional project. As we are both interested in working with-in the industry of motion graphics and 3D design we feel that by taking on a professional brief and entering a well know design awards event we would gain the most exposure for our desired professions. Having looked through many briefs we decided that the brief for MTV would benefit our skills equally as it is an open brief that allows us both to express ourselves creatively.

We plan on collaboratively working on a motion graphic video piece aimed towards fulfilling the brief. 

The brief itself is asking us to depict MTV as a virus. We are to choose an environment for the virus to enter and for us to explore how it infects and affects it. We are asked how MTV would look, behave and mutate in this environment both visually and contextually. A mandatory requirement of the piece is to embody the spirit of MTV as a brand that continues to be a pioneer in the music and entertainment culture. We are also required to demonstrate what insights have influenced our ‘deign’ and why we have chosen a particular environment or context for your ideas.


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