May 7, 2008 at 4:08 pm (MTV - Professional Project)

recently i have been trying my hand at Matchmoving. Which is the combining of 3D with real footage. Turns out its harder than it seems. Especially when the products needed are around £3000. Luckily though i found a free non-commercial software called Icarus. Combining it with Cinema 4D and compositing it in Apple Shake i was able to produce this small demo below.



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  1. Eddie Offermann said,

    Wow, I haven’t heard much of Icarus in a while!

    There’s plenty of less-expensive commercial software out there. We use Ssontech SynthEyes extensively on features and high end commercial work. PixelFarm (who are the commercial users of the Icarus code) have several levels of the software ranging from very, very cheap to moderately pricey.

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